New Hampshire Welcomes ULS Heating Oil For Cleaner Energy

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This month New Hampshire fell in line with neighboring states and started replacing traditional heating oil with Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) heating oil. The new fuel has all the features of traditional #2 fuel oil but with extra benefits for both the environment and the consumer.   

The change is coming in thanks to NH Senate Bill 309 signed into law in 2016 by Governor Maggie Hassan. The bill calls for a lowering of the sulfur content in all home heating oil from 4,000ppm (parts per million) to 15ppm. Not only will this reduce those emissions that are harmful to the environment but also it will improve the performance of most heating systems.

According to Clean Oil Heat NH lowering the sulfur content to 15ppm reduces sulfur oxide emissions by 99% (when compared to traditional heating oil) and significantly reduces both nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions. Furthermore burning ULS fuel oil rather than traditional #2 fuel oil will increase both the efficiency and the longevity of a heating system thanks to a proven decrease in the corroding and fouling rate of ULS.

How will this change affect you? Only positively! You will not have to purchase new, or modify old, equipment and nor will you have to change your account with us in any way. But, with no action on your part, you will be decreasing your household’s emissions, improving air quality, increasing the lifespan of your equipment, and increasing the efficiency of your system.

ULS is a win for the state, a win for the environment, and a win for you.

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