best prebuy fuel money saving programs in seacoast nh and maine

Prebuy Fuel—What are the options?

Purchasing Programs Fuel Saving Money

Winter is an expensive time of year but you can make it less so by paying for your fuel bills ahead of time or by spreading them out through more of the year. Here are the options...

air conditioner maintenance energy saver

Save On Summer Cooling With Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Saving Money Maintenance Cooling

If you haven’t already done so now’s the time to make sure your central air-conditioning system is in good working order to save you energy costs. Learn more...

tax credits for heating and hot water equipment installation

How To Get Federal Tax Credits For New Heating/Hot Water Installations

Saving Money

Do you know that there are rebates available for installing new energy-efficient heating or hot-water equipment models? Learn more

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