meet josh purdy energy service technician

Meet The Energy Staff - Josh Purdy, Technician

Customer Service Hot Water

Some customers have been asking, “are your technicians getting younger?” No, they’re not, but Josh Purdy does help to lower the average age! Meet Josh...

2018 winter impact on heating energy bills

How Did the 2018 Winter Impact Your Heating Bill?

Winter Hot Water Heating

How did the winter of 2018 compare with winters past? If you enjoy finding statistics that prove (or disprove) your opinions, then this blog is for you. Learn more...

plate heat exchanger - indirect water heater

Hot-Water System Number 5

Hot Water

If you have an Indirect Water Heater, you can improve its efficiency with a Plate Heat Exchanger. Learn more.

hot water systems boiler with propane

Gas Hot Water System Options

Heating Systems Hot Water

Are you thinking of getting a new hot-water system? If you use propane for fuel, what are your options?

what is a tankless water heater

What Is A Tankless Water Heater?

Hot Water

The newest versions of water heaters have many names—tankless, on-demand, instantaneous—and several things going for them—energy efficiency, compact size, endless hot water.  Learn more

indirect water heater systems

What Is An Indirect Water Heater?

Heating Systems Hot Water

How does an indirect hot water heater work. Learn more...

tankless coil hot water basics

What Is A Tankless Coil Hot Water System?

Hot Water

There’s so many new types of equipment on the market these days it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin…it’s certainly hard to compare one type with another. 

In this new occasional series, we’ll be looking at the various Hot Water systems available today. Today’s topic is Tankless Coil…

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