best prebuy fuel money saving programs in seacoast nh and maine

Prebuy Fuel—What are the options?

Purchasing Programs Fuel Saving Money

Winter is an expensive time of year but you can make it less so by paying for your fuel bills ahead of time or by spreading them out through more of the year. Here are the options...

calculate pool propane heater size usage

How To Calculate Propane Gas Heater Size For Your Pool

Fuel Propane

Do you have an in-ground pool? Do you keep it heated? Learn how to calculate the right propane gas heater size for your pool...

low sulfur clean oil provider in nh

New Hampshire Welcomes ULS Heating Oil For Cleaner Energy


This month New Hampshire fell in line with neighboring states and started replacing traditional heating oil with Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) heating oil. Learn more...

will call fuel delivery

How To Avoid Extra Fuel Delivery Charges When On Will Call

Fuel Delivery

If you are on "will-call” fuel delivery here's a primer of what you need to do to avoid running out and to avoid extra charges on your fuel bill.

how to read an oil tank gauge

How To Read An Oil Tank Gauge

Heating Systems Fuel

Do you know how to read your oil tank gauge? Don’t wait until you have to read it, check it out when you have plenty of time and it’s not an emergency.

shovel snow for home fuel delivery service

Why you should shovel to help with fuel delivery

Heating Systems Winter Fuel

Snow—some people love it, some people hate it. For our delivery drivers it's a big inconvenience that makes their job WAY harder. Learn why.

oil home heating automatic delivery service

How to Avoid Running Out Of Home Heating Fuel

Heating Systems Winter Fuel

The holidays put an extra burden on household energy usage. If you're not on automatic delivery, you need to be extra vigilant and carefully watch your fuel gauges; the last thing you want is to run out and have to call for a special delivery. Learn more about automatic delivery.

home heating oil & propane delivery for cold weather

Weather Forecasting: How Much Heating Oil or Propane Will You Need

Winter Fuel

Weather forecasting is a funny old business: on the one hand we want forecasters to be 100% accurate all of the time; on the other we expect them to be wrong most of the time. Wanting to see into the future is all part of being human. Want to know what will happen this winter...

home heating oil fuel purchasing programs in new hampshire


Purchasing Programs Fuel

As with any offering there are people who support fuel-purchasing programs and there are people who don’t. We think they’re a good idea, and here’s why...

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