Spring Is Home System Preventive Maintenance Time

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spring preventive maintenance for your home systems

Last time I touched on why you should get a Preventive Maintenance for your heating system. But what else should you be thinking of as spring finally reaches us?

• Get your screens out of storage, clean them and check them for holes. Remember to double-check along the edges…it’s easy to miss an area that’s become detached but you know the bugs will find it. And don’t forget the screens on foundation and other exterior vents. They can become blocked or damaged over the winter.

• Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters and downpipes. If any sections have pulled away from the side of the house (or were knocked out by an over-exuberant snowplow) reattach them. Check for good drainage—if you don’t want to wait for the next significant rainfall, use a hose.

• Look for and replace any deteriorating exterior caulking.

• Pressure wash siding and check any exterior wood surfaces for flaking or peeling paint.

• Clean your windows…even if spring’s not quite here yet clean windows will make it seem like it came early!

• Pick up the debris in the yard…whether it’s turf that’s been turned over by the snowplow or limbs brought down by the storms, winter debris looks depressing at this time of year.

• Check your sprinkler system for leaks, blockages, and exposed lines.

• If you didn’t do it at the end of the summer, have your AC system checked over and tuned up.

• Go up in the attic and see if anyone other than you has been living under your roof. Also look for signs of mold or water ingress from a damaged roof.

• Cut back any trees or shrubs that are overgrowing the house. It’s a good idea to keep overhanging trees at a distance so they can’t bring moisture or squirrels into the attic.

• Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as well as your thermostats.

And, once you’ve done all that, sit back, breathe in the warm fresh air and enjoy the emerging flowers and foliage…Happy Spring everyone!

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