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As we rush through August and start thinking about all the projects and events that have to happen between now and back-to-school, it’s easy to forget about the winter that’s just around the corner and the fuel we’re all going to need.

              There are people who don’t want anything to do with pre-buying fuel, preferring instead to pay market price at the time of delivery. But there are others who choose not to leave it all to chance and prefer to have some idea of what’s to come. Like them, we think that fuel-buying programs are a good idea.

              In this part of the world we burn approximately 80% of our heating fuel in just four months of the year. And those four months coincide with other large expenses: winter clothing, Thanksgiving, gifts for the holidays… Bottom line is that winter is an expensive time of year but you can make it less so by paying for your fuel bills ahead of time or by spreading them out through more of the year. Here are the options:

                   A Pre-pay program allows you to pay for your fuel earlier in the year, when you may have fewer demands on your budget.

                   A Budget program allows you to divide your fuel costs into equal smaller chunks and pay the bills over the course of several months.

                   And there are other options too. You can take the guesswork out of your household budget by choosing a Fixed Price program—pay a fixed price per gallon of fuel and, no matter if prices go up (or down) later in the year, that’s the price you pay. If you think prices are going to go down, you can choose a Flex Price program—you still pay a fixed price, but you add Downside Insurance so that if prices do, indeed, fall, we’ll credit you back the difference between your fixed price and the lower market price.

                   There’s no question that fuel-buying programs are not for everyone, but if you like the idea of removing the surprises from your winter fuel bills and want to know more, click here or call us today at 603.964.6703.

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