How To Calculate Propane Gas Heater Size For Your Pool

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calculating propane gas heater size usage for a pool

                   Do you have an in-ground pool? Do you keep it heated? Is the heater propane gas-fired? Have you let our customer service department know? Too many times householders run out of propane over the summer for the simple reason that their supplier is unaware that they’re using propane for anything other than heat. So, if you have a propane gas-fired pool heater let us know and we’ll be sure to keep you topped off even when the weather’s warm
                   Gas pool heaters are excellent when you’re looking to heat a pool quickly or for a short period of time. They work by drawing water from the pool through a filter and thence to the heater where it is warmed up before being returned to the pool. They work efficiently, even in cooler, cloudier weather.
                   Do you have the right heater for your pool?
                   There are various formulae for calculating the size you need for your pool but one of the easiest is found on the website:
                   You’ll need the average temperature in the coldest month you’ll be using the pool (A); the desired pool temperature (B); the temperature rise (C); the pool surface area in square feet (D).
                   Now for the calculations: to find C—your required temperature rise—subtract A from B. Now multiply C by D by 12. This will give you the number of BTUs per hour that you require, which will determine the size of your heater.
                   For example:
                   Let’s say my pool is 20ft wide and 40ft long, I want to heat it to 80° and I’m going to use it from May 1st to October 30th.
                   In 2017 the mean temperature for October was 58°F, but for May it was 54°F.
                   So: I take 80 – 54 (B - A) = 26 (C)
                   Then, my pool surface area is 20 x 40 = 800sq.ft (D)
                   Finally: 26 x 800 x 12 = 249,600 = I will need a 250,000 BTU pool heater.
                   Want to reduce the costs of heating your pool? Invest in a pool cover. According to to heat a 1,000sq.ft outdoor pool in the Boston area from May 1st to August 31st to a temperature of 80° using an 80% efficient gas heater will cost $2,096 if the pool is uncovered, but only $328 if it’s covered!
                   Finally, don’t forget that for maximum efficiency, a pool heater (like any other heating system) should be regularly serviced and maintained. So, when you call to let us know you have a propane heater, remember also to book a service appointment.

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