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If you haven’t already done so now’s the time to make sure your central air-conditioning system is in good working order.

Things to bear in mind:

                        A clogged or dirty filter will reduce the efficiency of the unit and cause it to use more energy.

                        Even if your filters are clean both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil will collect dirt. As the evaporator coil gets dirty, airflow is restricted and the coil’s capacity to absorb heat is diminished. The condenser coil will collect falling leaves, lawn clippings, air-borne dust, all of which will reduce the airflow.

                        Condensate drains can become blocked; if the unit cannot drain properly you may get excess moisture in your rooms.

If you’re familiar with the workings of your air conditioner the above items are things that you can check yourself, but you should also get a professional maintenance annually.

Here’s what a Lamprey Energy technician will do as a standard Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance:

                        Starting with the condenser (the outdoor unit) he will inspect the control box and connections for wear and tear; inspect the fan motor and blades; start up the unit and check the refrigerant level; clean the cabinet and drain openings.

                        He’ll then move inside to the evaporator where he’ll inspect and clean the blower assembly, evaporator coil, drain pan and lines, and the control box and connections. He’ll also clean the air filter and, if necessary, replace it with a standard 1” air filter. Finally he’ll check the temperature difference across the coil when the unit is running.

Whenever you have your air-conditioner serviced, if you get it done regularly, once a year, not only will the system run more efficiently, it will also last longer.

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