tax credits for heating and hot water equipment installation

How To Get Federal Tax Credits For New Heating/Hot Water Installations

Saving Money

Do you know that there are rebates available for installing new energy-efficient heating or hot-water equipment models? Learn more

market price budget program for fuel payments

Market Price Budget Program For Fuel Payments

Purchasing Programs

A Market Price Budget Program allows you to spread your fuel payments over 11 months, between July 1st and May 31st. Learn more

how to reduce heat loss in a home

Where Does The Heat Go In My House?


If you’re looking to optimize your home’s heating efficiency there are easy less expensive options for improving energy efficiency.

will call fuel delivery

How To Avoid Extra Fuel Delivery Charges When On Will Call

Fuel Delivery

If you are on "will-call” fuel delivery here's a primer of what you need to do to avoid running out and to avoid extra charges on your fuel bill.

heating and thermostat tips

Heating System Not Working? - Check These Items

Heating Systems Winter

Having trouble with your heating system? While you wait for service, or even before you call, here are some troubleshooting tips you can do on your own.

heating and thermostat tips

Heating And Thermostat Tips When It Is Really Cold Outside

When the weather is this extreme we're asking (and expecting) a lot of our heating systems. Here are so tips to help keep you warm.

how to read an oil tank gauge

How To Read An Oil Tank Gauge

Heating Systems Fuel

Do you know how to read your oil tank gauge? Don’t wait until you have to read it, check it out when you have plenty of time and it’s not an emergency.

shovel snow for home fuel delivery service

Why you should shovel to help with fuel delivery

Heating Systems Winter Fuel

Snow—some people love it, some people hate it. For our delivery drivers it's a big inconvenience that makes their job WAY harder. Learn why.

oil home heating automatic delivery service

How to Avoid Running Out Of Home Heating Fuel

Heating Systems Winter Fuel

The holidays put an extra burden on household energy usage. If you're not on automatic delivery, you need to be extra vigilant and carefully watch your fuel gauges; the last thing you want is to run out and have to call for a special delivery. Learn more about automatic delivery.

what is a tankless water heater

What Is A Tankless Water Heater?

Hot Water

The newest versions of water heaters have many names—tankless, on-demand, instantaneous—and several things going for them—energy efficiency, compact size, endless hot water.  Learn more

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