best prebuy fuel money saving programs in seacoast nh and maine

Prebuy Fuel—What are the options?

Purchasing Programs Fuel Saving Money

Winter is an expensive time of year but you can make it less so by paying for your fuel bills ahead of time or by spreading them out through more of the year. Here are the options...

how does air conditioning work

How Does Air Conditioning (AC) Work?


Today’s air conditioning units work almost exactly the same as they did over 100 years ago. Learn how...

calculate pool propane heater size usage

How To Calculate Propane Gas Heater Size For Your Pool

Fuel Propane

Do you have an in-ground pool? Do you keep it heated? Learn how to calculate the right propane gas heater size for your pool...

outdoor grill maintenance tips

Grill Maintenance Tips - Remember To Check For Gas Leaks


The grill rarely gets more attention than a burn-off and brush-up. Which leads to the question: If it were being done right, what should be done? Learn more...

low sulfur clean oil provider in nh

New Hampshire Welcomes ULS Heating Oil For Cleaner Energy


This month New Hampshire fell in line with neighboring states and started replacing traditional heating oil with Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) heating oil. Learn more...

air conditioner maintenance energy saver

Save On Summer Cooling With Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Saving Money Maintenance Cooling

If you haven’t already done so now’s the time to make sure your central air-conditioning system is in good working order to save you energy costs. Learn more...

meet josh purdy energy service technician

Meet The Energy Staff - Josh Purdy, Technician

Customer Service Hot Water

Some customers have been asking, “are your technicians getting younger?” No, they’re not, but Josh Purdy does help to lower the average age! Meet Josh...

2018 winter impact on heating energy bills

How Did the 2018 Winter Impact Your Heating Bill?

Winter Hot Water Heating

How did the winter of 2018 compare with winters past? If you enjoy finding statistics that prove (or disprove) your opinions, then this blog is for you. Learn more...

plate heat exchanger - indirect water heater

Hot-Water System Number 5

Hot Water

If you have an Indirect Water Heater, you can improve its efficiency with a Plate Heat Exchanger. Learn more.

home system spring preventive maintenance

Spring Is Home System Preventive Maintenance Time


In addition, to Preventive Maintenance for your heating system, what else should you be thinking of as spring finally arrives?

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