• Lamprey Homestead built in North Hampton, New Hampshire

  • history of lamprey energy in north hampton new hampshire

    David Jeness Lamprey opens his saw mill. He uses Belgian draft horses to pull logs from the woods to the saw mill and to deliver box wood to his customers. In the summer months the teams are used to hay fields and to deliver ice cut from local ponds the previous winter.

  • lamprey energy history harvesting ice

    David J. Lamprey buys his first truck to be used for deliveries

  • Following the death of David J. Lamprey, his sons, Warren and Austin, establish Lamprey Brothers. The company sells wood, coal, and ice.

  • lamprey energy history delivery wood via horses

    82 acres of original homestead property (in two parcels on Chapel Road and Atlantic Avenue) are put into conservation.

  • lamprey energy history delivering coal

    Lamprey Brothers makes its first delivery of oil, it goes to Bill Carter on Hobbs Road, North Hampton. The oil is delivered by horse-drawn tanker.

  • Lamprey Brothers purchases its first oil truck.

  • lamprey energy delivering wood

    The last horse-drawn deliveries of wood and ice are made.

  • lamprey energy delivering oil

    On the death of Austin Lamprey, D. Morris Lamprey takes over, running the business with his uncle, Warren.

  • Warren Lamprey retires.

  • Lamprey Brothers takes over the fuel accounts of local company, Jenney Fuels, and buys the Jenney Fuels bulk plant behind Joe’s Meat Shoppe in North Hampton.

  • lamprey energy utility truck

    The company becomes incorporated as Lamprey Brothers, Inc.

  • lamprey energy oil delivery truck

    Charles Lamprey, son of D. Morris Lamprey opens the service department at Lamprey Brothers.

  • lamprey energy fuel delivery truck

    The Metal Barn is built across the street from the original homestead at 54 Atlantic Avenue in North Hampton, once home of Warren Lamprey. It is initially used for the storage of antique farm equipment but later as a truck garage. It is sold along with the house, in 2007.

  • lamprey fuel service technicians

    Lamprey Brothers stops selling ice

  • Doug Lamprey, grandson of D. Morris, joins Lamprey Brothers as Service Manager.

  • Lamprey Brothers stops selling wood

  • lamprey energy oil tanker delivery truck

    D. Morris Lamprey retires, his children, David, Charles, and Joanne take over. Joanne is appointed President and Chairman of the board.

  • lamprey energy fuel delivery service

    Lamprey Brothers acquires Weatherwatch, a rival fuel company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

  • Andrea Myers joins company first as Credit Manager and then as Business Manager

  • lamprey energy propane delivery service truck

    Lamprey Brothers stops selling coal

  • The TLC Teddy Bear logo is introduced—the TLC stands for Total Lamprey Comfort.

  • fuel and propane delivery vehicles

    Don Lamprey, grandson of D. Morris, joins the company, first working in sales, then as General Manager in 1996.

  • Second larger truck garage is built behind the homestead farmhouse at 63 Atlantic Ave.

  • lamprey energy barn for heating cooling headquarters

    The company logo changes from the TLC Teddy Bear to the green, black, and gold Surefire logo.

  • Deb Whitten, granddaughter of D. Morris, joins the company as a customer service representative.

  • lamprey vehicle delivering oil and propane

    The Marshall family takes over Lamprey Brothers and changes the name to Lamprey Energy. Propane and biofuel are added to the fuel products for the first time.

  • The bulk plant is sold to Simply Green Biofuels.

  • lamprey energy propane gas and oil systems services

    Lamprey Energy takes over the management of Simply Green Biofuels

  • lamprey energy top rated customer service

    Customer Service offices move from the farmhouse to the newly renovated horse stalls!

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