Biofuel Delivery in NH & ME

If you’re looking for a

biofuel delivery company

on the Seacoast, consider Lamprey Energy.

In 2013, Lamprey Energy partnered with Simply Green Biofuels to become the premier Bioheat® and biodiesel provider in the Seacoast region.



are blended on site from B100 produced from waste cooking oil refined by White Mountain Biodiesel in North Haverhill, NH, and Maine Standard Biofuels in Portland, ME.

Our standard blends are B5 (95% #2 fuel oil with 5% biofuel) and B20 (80% #2 fuel oil with 20% biofuel). We can also supply B50 to special order.

Switching to B5 Bioheat® will have significant impact on your carbon emissions and it comes at no extra cost to you! That’s right,


is the same price as our traditional #2 fuel oil and there’s no need to modify your home heating system. Furthermore, every gallon is treated with the fuel additive Avalux®, a stabilizing and cleaning agent that greatly enhances the clean operation of your heating system resulting in fewer service calls and greater longevity of your system.

Bioheat® can be bought on account via automatic delivery or ‘will call.’

We offer five fuel purchasing programs:
Fixed Price Prepaid
Fixed Price Budget
Flex Price Prepaid
Flex Price Budget
Market Price Budget

Or you can simply ‘pay as you go’…the choice is yours. Discounts are offered for prompt payment, senior citizens, EFT payments, and more.

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