Commercial Diesel/Biodiesel
Delivery Service in NH & ME

At Lamprey Energy we offer a

commercial diesel delivery service

of both on-road and off-road diesel and biodiesel.

When you buy


from Lamprey Energy we guarantee top-quality fuel delivered direct to your trucks or bulk-refueling tank.

We specialize in on-site mobile refueling done during off hours, when your fleet is parked. Each vehicle can start its work day fully fueled and ready to go.

Think of the savings—no more wasted hours while employees wait to fuel up during the daily schedule; no more trucks standing idle in a fueling line when they should be out on the road earning their keep.

Looking for off-road

non-taxable diesel

for landscaping vehicles, excavation equipment or farm machinery? We can deliver that, too.

Looking for a greener alternative for your business? We supply B5, B20, or a higher-ratio mix of the best quality


available on the Seacoast. We buy B100 from two local sources: White Mountain Biodiesel LLC and Maine Standard Biofuels. Then we mix our B5, B20, and more at our own on-site plant.

When you buy


from Lamprey you know where it’s come from.

Whether you buy on-road or off-road diesel or


we provide timely, detailed fuel tracking and accounting for each individual vehicle in your fleet.

AND your vehicles’ fuel histories are maintained in our secure database, which can be accessed at any time.

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