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  • Air Purifier/Filter System Maintenance

  • Humidifier/Dehumidifier System Maintenance

  • Ionizer System Maintenance

At Lamprey Energy, we believe that our customers’ peace of mind is key… knowing you have the right equipment and that it’s fully maintained in best possible condition is fundamentally important to us. Not only is well-maintained equipment more reliable, but also it is more efficient and lasts longer. That’s why we encourage all our customers to sign up for a Service Plan and our annual Preventive Maintenance Procedure.

We will:

  • Track your annual service month
  • Preschedule your annual service
  • Send a postcard with the date and time of your service
  • Call two days ahead to remind you
  • And, if the date is inconvenient, reschedule to suit you.

We remember so you don’t have to!

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AC Gold plan

For a single annual fee the AC Gold plan provides:

  • Pre-scheduled annual preventive maintenance*
  • 24-hour Priority Emergency Service (see Terms and Conditions No.9)
  • 20% discount on Parts and Labor for all work performed on the unit covered by the plan

*The Annual Preventive Maintenance is comprehensive and designed to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible, throughout the season. It includes:

For the Outdoor Unit (Condenser)

  • Inspection of the control box, associated controls/accessories, and wiring connections. Controls may include contactors, relays, circuit boards, sump heat, and other accessories. All control box and electrical parts will be checked for wear and tear.
  • Inspection of the fan motor and blades.
  • The unit will be started and checked for proper refrigerant level. If necessary, the unit will be lubricated.
  • The cabinet will be cleaned of dirt and leaves and the base pan drain openings will be inspected and cleared of restrictions.

For the Indoor Unit (Evaporator/Air Handler)

  • Inspection and cleaning of the blower assembly, including blower housing, wheel, and motor. If necessary the motor will be lubricated and the fan belt replaced.
  • Inspection of the evaporator coil, drain pan, and condensate drain lines.
  • Inspection of the control box, associated controls, and wiring connections.
  • Cleaning and replacing of single standard 1” air filter. (Upgraded air filters will be installed at additional cost.)
  • With the unit running the temperature difference across the coil will be checked.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The company reserves the right to inspect and approve all equipment and systems to be covered under the plan. Lamprey Energy will only provide coverage for equipment and systems that are properly installed according to Federal, State, and Local codes. Lamprey Energy reserves the right to deny coverage.
  2. The agreement is terminable, without refund, upon notice to the customer by Lamprey Energy that payments on the customer’s account(s) are delinquent.
  3. The agreement will remain in effect for one year from date of renewal and will automatically renew at Lamprey Energy’s prevailing rates at the time of renewal on a year-to-year basis. The contract will not be renewed if either party gives at least five days’ prior notice of termination. A renewed plan may be terminated and fully refunded up to 30 days after the renewal date, provided no service has been performed as part of that renewal. No refunds will be issued after 30 days past the issue date or renewal date.
  4. Lamprey Energy will not be held responsible for parts, materials, or components that are discontinued, obsolete, or recalled by the manufacturer.
  5. Payment is due within the terms of the account being billed, not to exceed 30 days. If payment is not received within the terms, the contract is subject to cancellation and all work performed will be billed at the current parts and hourly labor rates.
  6. The plan includes one annual preventive maintenance. For new contracts the first-year preventive maintenance labor is covered up to two hours; any labor requirement in excess of two hours will be billed at the prevailing labor rates. In subsequent years all labor required during annual preventive maintenance will be covered under the plan agreement. A single standard 1” air filter will be replaced at no charge. Upgraded air filters will be installed at additional cost.
  7. The agreement does not include any direct or indirect injury, damage to, or resulting failure of the air-conditioning system or dwelling due to any of the following unavoidable delays: acts of God, abuse, neglect, or any cause beyond the control of Lamprey Energy.
  8. The plan includes 24-hour priority emergency service. Emergency is defined as: no air conditioning, not enough air conditioning, water leak. All other service issues will be addressed during normal business hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.
  9. All parts and labor on the unit covered by the plan are discounted at 20%. This applies to work done during either scheduled or emergency service. Where the main piece of equipment covered under the plan requires replacing in its entirety the 20% discount will not apply.
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