Fuels - Biofuel

Any system that currently runs with traditional fuel oil can switch to B-5 Bioheat® with no upgrade or alteration required. And, while B-5 can be slightly more expensive than traditional fuel oil, the reductions in carbon emmissions are significant. For just $5 per 100-gallon oil delivery you could be doing your part for the environment. But that’s not all… you’ll also be helping your own system: biofuel actually cleans your tank and pipes as it works its way through!

B-5 oil is kinder to the environment, but just like traditional fuel oil, it contains some sediments and water from condensation. These can lead to plugged filters, nozzles, and strainers. When sediment has built up in a tank it will become agitated during an oil delivery and get sucked into fuel lines. Ultimately the clogging of oil lines and filters can lead to a shut down in the heating system.

Every gallon of Lamprey Energy B-5 Bioheat® is treated with the additive Avalux®, which contains a stabilizer that minimizes fuel degradation and sludge formation; a dispersant that gradually dissolves sludge and disperses water; a detergent that cleans the supply system to and from the tank; a corrosion inhibitor that protects storage tanks from rust and corrosion; and a metal deactivator that prevents metal particles from causing chemical reactions.

By adding Avalux® to our oil, fuel-related service calls have been greatly reduced.

Lamprey Energy B-5 Bioheat® can be bought on account via automatic delivery or ‘will call.’

We offer four fuel purchasing programs: Market Price Budget, Flex Price Budget, Flex Price Prepaid, and Fixed Price Prepaid. Or you can simply ‘pay as you go’…the choice is yours.

Discounts are offered for prompt payment, senior citizens, EFT payments, and more.

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