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More Than Just Oil
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Energy Star Certification

Lamprey Energy has been awarded ENERGY STAR® Certification for New Homes Program, becoming one of only two regional HVAC companies to be so recognized. For more information about ENERGY STAR® and the New Homes Program, go to
We're In!

If you visited our Customer Service Department over the winter, you may have noticed the renovation work in the breezeway building across the driveway. Well, the work is now finished and the customer service people have moved across to their new space.

Come in and visit as always, there'll be welcoming smiles aplenty from Renee, Donlyn, and Andrea.
More Than Just Oil
Did you know that at Lamprey Energy we also sell biofuel for heating systems, biodiesel and marine biodiesel for commercial use, AND propane? Why not call us today and ask about our different fuels? We'd be happy to help. 603.964.6703
Refer a Friend
Bring a new customer to Lamprey Energy and we'll give you a $50 credit on your account. Bring us 10 new customers and we'll give you a $500 credit!
Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Be the 100th person to like us this month and we'll send you two tickets to sail on the gundalow Piscataqua.

It's Here!!!

Well, it was a long time coming, but summer really is here. It was a tough winter for everyone, and it seemed to go on and on. But we made it through and the sun is shining.

For me, the long winter months highlight the importance of community, neighbors looking out for neighbors, local businesses trading with one another ... When there's a couple of feet of new snow outside, it's great knowing that the snowplow guy lives just down the road.

Being a local business and being involved with my community are two aspects of Lamprey Energy that give me the most satisfaction.

As a business, we've been operating out of the Lamprey Homestead at
63 Atlantic Ave, North Hampton, for 90 years. We still have members of the Lamprey family working with us Don Lamprey in Finance, and Deb Whitten (Lamprey) in Billing and Customer Service. Unlike so many other energy companies in our region, Lamprey is still truly locally owned, locally run, and locally focused.

When you pay Lamprey for your fuel or service, your money is staying right here, on the Seacoast. Some of your dollars go straight back out to other local businesses (landscapers, carpenters, electricians, printing companies, and vehicle mechanics to name a few), and others are going to local non-profits. This year alone we've sponsored or donated to more than 40 local organizations from The Music Hall, Strawbery Banke, Fairy House Tours, and Fuller Gardens, to Rotary and Chambers in Hampton and Portsmouth, to Winnacunnet High School, North Hampton School, The Cornerstone School, and kids' sports teams in Hampton, Hampton Falls, Seabrook, North Hampton, Rye, Portsmouth, Greenland, Kittery, and Durham.

Thank you for continuing to use us for your energy needs - your business with our company allows us to help others in our community.

Price Protection Programs

As we settle into summer, it's time to think about next winter's heating season and the Price Protection Programs. But what are they and which will work for you?

We offer several programs with seemingly complicated names, but really the names explain themselves:

With Fixed Price Prepaid, we quote you a price today, and you pay up front for the number of gallons you want.

With Fixed Price Budget, the price is fixed but instead of paying up front you pay in monthly installments through December same amount, same day each month.

With Flex Price Prepaid, we quote you a price, you pay up front for the number of gallons you want but you also buy insurance so that if the market price is lower on the day of delivery, we will charge you that lower price.

With Flex Price Budget, it's the same deal as the Flex Price Prepaid but you pay in monthly installments through April same amount, same day each month.

And then there's Market Budget you ultimately pay the market price that existed on the day of delivery but you spread the payments throughout the year until June every month you pay a set amount whether you used more or less fuel that month ... it takes the sting out of the winter bills and spreads them into other parts of the year.

To learn more about our programs, call us at 603.964.6703 or go to our website. Also, see "Price Protection Program Q&A" below.

Price Protection Program Q&A

Q If I have a Price Protection Program, do I have to pay for all my fuel up front?
A No, you can choose the Fixed Price Budget or the Flex Price Budget, and pay your fuel bill by installment, once a month.

Q What if the price goes down after I've signed the contract?
A If you take the Flex Prepaid and Flex Budget Programs with Downside Insurance, you will pay either the market price OR your contract price, whichever is lower.

Q What happens if I prebuy more gallons than I use?
A If you have unused gallons in your account after April 30th, we will give you a credit. This can either be refunded or used towards your payment for next year's contract.

Q What does budget mean?
A You pay for your fuel in equal installments, over a set number of months. Say you buy 1,000 gallons at $1 per gallon and you budget over 10 months, you will pay $1,000 10 = $100 every month, regardless of how much fuel you actually used in any given month.

Q If I budget, can I pay by check?
A Yes, but only for the Market Budget program. For Fixed Price Budget and Flex Price Budget you must make automatic payments either with a credit card or an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Choose EFT and we'll give you a 5¢ per gallon discount.

Q I only use propane, can I still have a program?
A Yes, propane customers can choose between the Fixed Prepaid, Fixed Budget, or Market Budget programs.

Q If I sell my house during the contract period, what happens to my money?
A One of three things: you can get a full refund for the undelivered gallons; you can sell the contract to the new homeowner; or you can take a credit and use it when you open a new Lamprey Energy account for your new home.

Q I'm thinking of buying a Price Protection Program, when do I have to commit?
A You can sign up any time until late September. But prices are subject to change so if we give you a quote, it's only guaranteed for 7 days.

Q If I have a Price Protection Program, must I be on automatic delivery?
A Yes. If you are not already on automatic delivery, we will set that up for you.

Q If I have a budget program that gets paid off in December, does my price guarantee also end in December?
A No, regardless of when your budget payments end, your price guarantee goes on until April 30th or until you use all your pre-buy gallons.

For more detail about all our 2014-2015 Price Protection Programs, call us at 603.964.6703 or go to our website.

Serving Non-profits

At Lamprey Energy every customer is important but some are more unusual than others. Two of our customers are down on the waterfront and have some very special, some would say unique needs ...

Ever since she was launched in 2011, the gundalow Piscataqua has been running on Lamprey marine biodiesel. Piscataqua is now a well-known and much loved feature on the Piscataqua river and its tributaries. During the last few weeks of the school year she sets sail almost daily with parties of children from all around the watershed eager to learn the history, geography, and biology of this crucial water system.

After school gets out, Piscataqua continues to carry passengers both visiting and local on fascinating cruises, and she can even be chartered for private events.For more about Piscataqua and the Gundalow Company go to

Piscataqua is not licensed to navigate beyond the mouth of the river but, if she were, she might go out to Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals and another of our waterfront customers. Since 2012, Lamprey Energy has been providing biodiesel to Star Island's fleet of service boats and supplying the island with all its propane - no mean feat when you consider the tanks are 7 miles offshore! For more about Star Island go to

Energy Tips

Preventative Maintenance
Don't ignore your heating system just because you've turned it off. No matter how efficient your oil burner or furnace is, soot and residue will build up over the course of a winter. If you don't clean it off each year your system will slowly get clogged and its efficiency will be diminished - you'll have to burn more fuel to get the same amount of heat. The easiest time to clean it is in the spring, as soon as possible after you switch off the heat and before the residues have started to harden. So ... do your heating system a favor and schedule a Preventive Maintenance service today. Call us at 603.964.6703, or go to our website, to find out what's involved.
Air Conditioning
If you're thinking of turning on the AC any time soon, there's a few things we recommend doing first. Start outside by clearing the air intake unit of any debris and cutting back any plants that may have grown too close through the spring. Clean the unit with a damp cloth or, if it's really dirty, hose it down. Next go inside and find the air outlets and returns. Remove the grilles and clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth. Vacuum inside the ducts around the openings and then replace the grilles. Finally, have the system inspected by a trained technician. Remember, if your air conditioning unit is working efficiently then it's using less electricity and saving you money as well as keeping you cool.
Hot Water
Are you paying to heat water even when you don't need it? There are some great hot water units available that will only heat the water when you need it. Known as Tankless, On-Demand, or Instantaneous, these great water heaters can be fired by either propane or natural gas, save you money, and are good for the environment. Here's how they work: When a hot water tap is opened, cold water passes into the unit and is "instantaneously" heated by a gas burner. The system can be "whole house" or installed for separate appliances such as a clothes washer or hot tub. And, because they don't need a big storage tank, instantaneous water heaters can be installed in really small spaces. And the best news yet? Right now, you can get up to $800 towards the cost of installing a new tankless hot water system. Go to and click on 'save @ home' for details.
Air Conditioning That Isn't Window Mounted
Too good to be true? Not anymore. Mitsubishi has a whole new generation of cooling systems that are easy to install, energy-efficient, quiet, can be wall-hung up high so they're out of the way and unobtrusive, have allergen filtration, can be remote-controlled, AND this summer come with installation rebates of as much as $500. Don't get hot under the collar this summer, call us and ask how you can keep your cool.