The Importance of Clearing Snow Away From Your Hot-Water Vent Outside

hot water vent

It’s Often the Small Things That Count in a Snowstorm – Like Digging out the Hot-Water Vent Outside

So here’s the scene:

The snowstorm has been and gone. You’ve been out shoveling for the past hour and now you’re back inside, tired and chilled and looking forward to a long hot shower. You strip off, step in to the steaming water and just as you’re starting to relax, there’s a loud roar and the house begins to shake -shake so much you think it’s going to explode. Then, just as you’re really starting to panic, the shaking stops but the water runs cold! And there you are, colder than you were before only now you’re dripping wet, too. And then it dawns on you – you forgot to dig out the hot-water vent…outside.

It’s so easy to remember to shovel the paths, the driveway, the steps, even the chicken coop. But the things we forget, more than anything else, are those all-important vents…vents for the hotwater, the furnace, the dryer. If the vent’s buried in snow and ice the whole system can shut down, causing the hotwater to fail or the heating to go off. And we all know what can happen if the heat goes off in a New England winter, especially if no one’s home. Even if a vent’s not completely covered, it can still affect the system. A partly covered vent is a partly working vent, and if it’s only partly working it’s costing you more money because it’s using more energy to get the job done.

So, next time you’ve been out shoveling your walkways and driveways, before you go back inside to get warmed up, go around the house and check up on the small things: there’s enough extra cost associated with winter, don’t add to the bills by missing those vents!

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