How Much Fuel?

Do you know what your average annual usage is? Or what your average annual usage should be?

The chart below gives an approximate estimate of annual usage. Things that will impact on these numbers will be:

  • The weather conditions—the colder the weather the higher the fuel usage.
  • How well insulated your house is—the better the insulation the lower the fuel usage.
  • How warm you like your house to be—the higher the desired temperature, the higher the fuel usage.

If your usage is close to these numbers you’re all set. But if your usage is significantly higher you might like to have us come and inspect your heating system. It may be that some quick and easy upgrades will help or that your boiler/furnace needs a preventive maintenance cleaning and tune up.

Call us today at 603.964.6703, we’re here to help.

Approximate Annual Fuel Usage
per Household with Heat and Hot Water

Square footage
of House
Oil use in Gallons Propane use in Gallons
1,500–2,000 600–800 5,800–1,000
2,000–2,500 800–1,000 1,000–1,200
2,500–3,000 1,000–1,200 1,200–1,400
3,000–3,500 1,200–1,400 1,200–1,400

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