Hot Water System Installations

The world of hot water has come a long way since the days of a kettle over the fire. Today’s choices from Lamprey Energy include:

  • Instantaneous water heater

    Also known as a Tankless or On-Demand water heater, the instantaneous water heater provides hot water only when needed. With no storage tank involved this is an energy- and space-efficient option. When a hot-water faucet is opened, cold water passes into the unit and is heated by a gas burner. Instantaneous water heaters can either be ‘whole house’ or installed for separate appliances such as a clothes washer or hot tub. The instantaneous water heater can be fired by either propane or natural gas. (The US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy state that an ‘energy star’ tankless water heater will save the average family more than $100 per year on gas bills, and Federal tax credits on a new tankless water heater installation are often available.)

  • Direct-fired storage tank

    A tank with its own burner, which heats the water within the tank. It can run on either oil or gas and does not have to be used in conjunction with a boiler or furnace.

  • Indirect-fired storage tank

    Hot water is passed from a boiler through coiled pipes within the tank, which then heat the surrounding water. Whether used with an oil or a propane heating system this is a fuel-efficient option requiring minimal service.

  • Tankless coil

    A coil within the boiler itself heats the water as it passes through. This type of system is efficient during winter months when the boiler is working for central heat.

  • Electric heater

    The classic hot-water heating and storage tank.

We supply and install equipment from:

AmtrolBoschBradford WhiteRinnaiState Water HeatersSuperStor Ultra We service just about any system out there!

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