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It seems that at this time of year all the energy companies are talking about price protection programs, prebuy, or fuel purchasing programs. And at Lamprey Energy we are too! We offer several between now and the end of September for our customers in southern New Hampshire and Maine. Each is designed to address a different customer need and each can take some of the stress out of the winter season.

But should you prebuy or budget? Should you lock into a price now? Or should you wait and see what happens and pay market price through the winter? Those are the choices that only you can make, but we can help by outlining the differences between the various options.

So, what are our programs and which would be right for you?

Propane, Heating Oil and Biofuel Price Protection Plan Options for our Customers in Southern New Hampshire and Maine.

Fixed Price Prepaid – we quote you a price today, and you pay up front for the number of gallons you want. No more bills all winter long. AND if the price goes up during the winter (as they have in 9 out of the past 10 years) your cost will remain unaffected – indeed, you’ll save money with every price increase over the winter!

Fixed Price Budget – the price is fixed (just as with Fixed Price Prepaid) but instead of paying for it all up front you pay in equal monthly installments with the last payment due at the end of December. And the sooner you start the lower your monthly installment will be.

Flex Price Prepaid – we quote you a price, you pay up front for the number of gallons you want but you also buy Downside insurance. If, on the day of delivery, the market price is lower than the price you originally paid, we will charge you that lower price and credit the savings to your account.

Flex Price Budget – it’s the same as the Flex Price Prepaid but you pay in monthly installments – same amount, same day each month between the time you sign up and your last payment in June.

Market Budget – you pay the posted market price on the day of delivery but spread the payments through the year. Market Budget doesn’t give you price protection but it does allow you to spread out your fuel costs instead of paying them in large lump sums as you receive deliveries. We burn 75% of our annual heating fuel in just 4 months, December – March, but you don’t have to pay for it all then, you can spread the cost through the rest of the year.

Lamprey Energy has home propane, heating oil and biofuel price protection programs that can help you manage your heating costs. To learn more about our programs, call us at 603.964.6703 or click here.

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