Get Your AC Cleaned—Rest Easy and Stay Cool

Get Your AC Cleaned—Rest Easy and Stay Cool

The weather’s definitely been a bit up and down lately, hot and cold, but chances are in the past few weeks you’ve thought about turning on the AC at least once even if you haven’t actually done so yet.

But, before you use it in earnest, when was the last time you had the system checked and cleaned?

Do you know that we offer an annual Preventive Maintenance program for AC systems, just like we do for heating systems?

Here’s what we do in a standard annual Preventive Maintenance for AC:

For the Outdoor Unit (the Condenser):

  • We inspect the control box, associated controls/accessories, and wiring connections.
  • We inspect the fan motor and blades.
  • We start the unit and check for proper refrigerant levels. If necessary, we lubricate the unit.
  • We clean the cabinet of dirt and leaves and we inspect the base pan drain openings and, if necessary, clear them of restrictions.

For the Indoor Unit (Evaporator/Air Handler):

  • We inspect and clean the blower assembly—including the blower housing, wheel, and motor.
    If necessary, we lubricate the motor and replace the fan belt.
  • We inspect the evaporator coil, drain pan, and condensate drain lines.
  • We inspect the control box, associated controls, and wiring connections.
  • We clean and replace air filters.
  • With the unit running we check the temperature difference across the coil.

And, of course, once the maintenance and testing is complete we’ll clean up and let you know if there are any issues that should be addressed.

Want to know more or schedule an appointment? Call us today at 603.964.6703. We’ll be happy to help.

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