Propane Delivery from Lamprey Energy

inline-graphic-fuels-propaneLamprey Energy is proud to offer propane delivery and service.

Propane is a non-toxic and qualifying alternative fuel producing fewer greenhouse gases than all other fossil fuels except natural gas.

Propane is fast becoming one of the most favored fuels in our region. While traditionally used for grills, cookstoves, and fireplaces, today propane is also running central heat, hot water systems, generators, construction heat, pool heaters, patio heaters, space heaters, and clothes dryers.

More price-predictable than oil, propane offers peace of mind to the budget-conscious customer and less risk to the environment. Lamprey Energy propane is extremely price competitive and can be bought on account via automatic propane delivery or, when a customer owns their propane tank, via “will-call”.

We offer three purchasing programs for propane delivery: Fixed Price Prepaid, Fixed Price Budget and Market Price Budget. Discounts are offered for prompt payment, senior citizens, EFT payments, and more.

Call us at 603.964.6703 for current prices and offers on propane delivery.

Click here to request a delivery.

Don’t get caught needing a propane delivery, set up an account with Lamprey Energy for automatic delivery.

Winter snowfalls can be challenging for propane systems. For advice on how to be prepared for severe weather, click here for ‘Safeguarding Your Home for Winter’ from the Propane Education & Research Council.

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