Choose Lamprey Energy for Your Propane Home Heating Needs

Thinking of installing a propane heating system in your home?

Considering a single piece of equipment that will run on propane?

Lamprey Energy can help you to work out what the propane consumption is likely to be and if you’ll save money or improve efficiency with propane.

  • What size propane tank will you need?
  • Where should the propane tank be located?
  • Should the propane tank be above or below ground?

We’ll figure it all out for you. We’ll even estimate how much propane you’ll use over the coming year.

Are you looking to switch propane home heating suppliers?

  • If your propane tank is above ground and can be moved without damaging your property, we’ll replace it with a new propane tank, new regulators, a new copper connecting pigtail, and a new round concrete base, designed for your specific tank size. If there’s still some gas remaining in your old tank, the previous company will credit you at the price you originally paid.
  • If your propane tank is underground, we won’t dig it up and replace it, we’ll simply purchase the tank and its associated parts from the previous propane supplier.
  • Whatever the placement of your tank, we’ll thoroughly inspect your entire propane home heating system from tank to equipment.
  • We’ll pressure-test all exterior and interior gas piping.
  • We’ll visually check all gas piping, appliances, heating, and hot-water systems.
  • If there are any issues that need fixing, we’ll bring them to your attention—we will not undertake any work without your approval.
  • We’ll record the make, model, and serial number of all your appliances.
  • We’ll relight all appliances as needed and run them through their operating procedures to ensure they are running properly.

The inspection and safety check is fulfilled free of charge when you open a new propane home heating account with Lamprey Energy. We’ll even call your old supplier and close your account for you. Once the propane tank has been swapped or purchased by Lamprey Energy, we’ll start servicing your account.

To request a no-obligation free consultation regarding your propane home heating needs, call us at 603.964.6703.

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