Choose Lamprey Energy for Your Home Heating Oil

When you become a Lamprey Energy home heating oil customer, we do most of the thinking for you! But we will still need to ask some questions. Here’s what we will want to know when you call us for a new home heating oil account:

    • What type of fuel do you currently use for home heating?
    • What is your basic contact information: name, address, social security—all new accounts have to be run through a credit check.
    • Do you rent or own your property? If you rent, we will also need your landlord’s information.
    • What tank do you have—type, size, where’s the fill?
    • What is your fuel being used for? Just heat? Heat and hot water? Anything else? Do you know how much fuel you typically use per year? Do you know how much fuel is currently in your tank? This information will help us to schedule your first delivery of home heating oil.
    • Do you have any special requests for your automatic delivery schedule? (Many people believe that if you set up your home heating oil account for automatic delivery, you have to receive fuel on a schedule that best suits the delivery company. But this isn’t the case.If you follow the usual home heating oil delivery process, we will keep track of the degree days and, based on the information you give us regarding your usage, we’ll calculate when you’ll next need a delivery of home heating oil. In some cases, customers would rather have all of their home heating oil delivered once or twice a year. If the tank has the capacity, we can do that. You just have to let us know.)
    • What does your house look like? This will help us when we make our first delivery.
    • Are you interested in our Service Plans? Fuel Purchasing Programs? We will explain these to you when you call, but you can also learn about them now by going to Service Plans and Fuel Programs on this website.
    • And finally, we’ll ask how you heard about us.
    After that, it’s over to us—we’ll schedule your first delivery.

For your first delivery of home heating oil, we do ask that someone is home as we’ll need access to inspect the tank. The inspection will take no more than two or three minutes and is required by our insurance company.

For more information or to request a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your home heating needs click here or call us at 603.964.6703.

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