A Look Back at the 2013-2014 NH Winter Season

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Was it Really Colder than Normal in New Hampshire?

Well, winter’s finally over, thank goodness. It seemed to go on for ever…colder than ever, snowier than ever, longer than ever. But how bad was it really? Unless it’s a crazy warm one, do we always think the most recent winter was the worst? It seems to me I’ve had more conversations this year along the lines of ‘When’s it gonna end?’ and ‘I want SUMMER!’ than I’ve ever had before. But are we all just impatient, or is summer really late? Have we all been spoiled by the recent warm winters, or was this past one really a doozy?

Well, here are some interesting stats from the Weather Underground people. If you don’t know Weather Underground, they have a great website at wunderground.com full of weather past present and future.

Portsmouth, NH 2013-2014 Winter Season

For Portsmouth, NH, the following statistics were recorded for January through April:

Historic average high/low, 31/15°
2014 average high/low, 30/15°

Historic average high/low, 32/17°
2014 average high/low, 32/16°

Historic average high/low, 37/20°
2014 average high/low, 36/20°

Historic average high/low, 55/36°
2014 average high/low, 55/36°

Historic average high/low, 67/47°
2014 average high/low, 66/46°

So, as bad as it was it seems that, after all, it was a pretty average winter. Trouble is, with the few warm ones we’ve had lately, we’re no longer ready for ‘average!’

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